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Our success is due to our unique approach, obsession to provide world-class client service and to the model of excellence which governs all of the agency’s day-to-day activities.


We deliver! We have earned an extraordinary reputation as problem solvers and solution providers. Our dedication to being "unique" forces us to find ways to add value.

Consulting approach. Our strength as insurance brokers is that we take a consulting approach to client service needs; extensive written analysis of client issues and solutions.
Backroom. We want to function as our major clients’ "backroom." We want to be their "outsourced" Risk Management Department.
Integrity. Ultimately, this is our strongest quality and the major reason for our success.
Loyalty. The CFO of a major client recently told us, ten years into the relationship, that "You guys have never once said or done anything that was not clearly in our best interest." We proudly carry that banner and consider this sentiment to be our axiomatic duty.
Capability. Practical Risk Management, a national, monthly risk management periodical states in their article, "How To Select an Insurance Broker" that "the account executive is the most important factor of all." As consultants, students of insurance and entrepreneurs, we agree! The Lakeland Agency has an extraordinary staff of professionals. 


  • An obsession to detail and to providing world-class client service.

  • A determination to earn the respect of everyone we know.

  • A determination to create an excellent and professional working environment for our staff members.

  • We are dedicated to developing our staff to their fullest potential via a variety of internal and external educational programs.

We have created an organizational and communication structure that enables us to partner with clients that operate in a fast-paced environment and need quick, professional solutions to problems.


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