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Golden Dental Plans, Inc.
Underwriting Terms


  • Individual business owners must pay annually (must be a member of an association / chamber)

  • Groups with less than 25 participants must pay annually

  • Groups with more than 25 participants may pay monthly

  • First of the month effective date - ONLY -

  • Rates are guaranteed for a one-year period and may be adjusted upon renewal

  • Open enrollment annually

GDP's Dental Health Plus Plan covers the diagnosis, prevention and restoration of dentition caused from oral disease conditions.


  • Oral examinations, routine preventative cleanings, fluoride treatments are covered twice in any twelve (12) month period.

  • Crowns, if a tooth can be restored with amalgam or composite resin, these will be materials used to restore the tooth.  The judgment will be solely that of the Participating Dentists.

  • Replacement dentures, partial dentures, crowns and bridges after five years, if unserviceable.

  • In matters of coordination of benefits, this plan is always secondary.


If an emergency occurs outside the "geographic area" of your GDP dental center, you may seek "emergency treatment" from a dentist in the area.  GDP will reimburse you for actual costs to a maximum of $50.  Simply send GDP a copy of the bill, include the subscribers name, address and social security number.


  • Conditions caused by accident, trauma or neglect
  • Dental treatment performed in a hospital
  • Dental services for cases in which in the professional judgment of the participating dentist, a satisfactory result cannot be obtained.
  • Dental services for any condition for which benefits of any nature are recovered or found to be recoverable whether by adjudication or settlement under any Workers Compensation or Occupational Disease Law, even though the Subscriber fails to claim the right to such benefits, provided that this exclusion shall only apply to the extent that such benefits are payable through such other plans
  • Dental services to increase vertical dimension to restore occlusion or restore tooth structure lost to attrition
  • Treatment of (TMJ) Temporal Mandible Joint Disorder
  • Surgical Orthodontics


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